GLOMEX Military Supplies at GSOF Symposium Europe

A wide range of products and services for members of special armed forces was presented by our company during the GSOF Symposium Europe conference and exhibition held on 24-26 October 2023 at the Brno Exhibition Centre. Symposium participants were offered an opportunity to get a glimpse of a small part of the GLOMEX MS s.r.o portfolio such as assault rifles by a Czech manufacturer  ANTREG, Pixels On Target thermal imaging sighting and observation devices, Wilcox Ind weapon  sights and ballistic calculators, OpsCore ballistic protection and Airborne Systems North America parachute equipment. For the first time, the new fully powered OpsCore RaiLink  side rail system with built-in signal lights, IR, illumination and night vision connectors was introduced. External cabling eliminated, powered by a centralized battery source located on the back of the helmet, creating a counterbalance to the NVG.

The event is regularly held by GSOF, an international non-profit organization aiming to build and develop a network of military, government, commercial and educational entities and strengthen their capabilities to meet today’s global threats. Seventy organizations from across the world attended the Brno symposium.