Code of Ethics

GLOMEX Military Supplies Code of Ethics

  1. This Code of Ethics applies to all GLOMEX Military Supplies employees and management. Some of its provisions also apply to specific groups of employees, such as the Business representatives, or entities outside GLOMEX Military Supplies, such as the Suppliers and Agents.

  2. GLOMEX Military Supplies insists on strictly complying with the legislation in force and high ethical standards based on honest conduct, trust, transparency, integrity and responsibility by both Employees and Partners.

  3. GLOMEX Military Supplies management takes overall responsibility for the Anti-corruption Programme implementation, with particular responsibility of the Managing Director for the assessment of the Anti-corruption Programme/Code of Ethics and implementation of a set of anti-corruption measures.

  4. GLOMEX Military Supplies strictly refuses to accept any corruptive behaviour. Employees whose participation on any level of such conduct is confirmed will be dismissed without notice, followed by reporting of the incident to law enforcement authorities and damage compensation claim.

  5. Any course of action by GLOMEX Military Supplies Employees that could represent conflict of interests is forbidden. GLOMEX Military Supplies Employees must not engage in company commercial activities as Clients or Suppliers either directly or indirectly and benefit from such activities from third parties. Any potential conflict of interests (membership of the Client/Supplier Executive Boards, holding shares by GLOMEX Military Supplies Employees, employee friends or family members) should be
    reported to GLOMEX Military Supplies management.

  6. Any cases of suspect of unethical, corruptive, unsafe, environmentally harmful or corporate image damaging behaviour should be reported to GLOMEX Military Supplies Ethical line (e-mail No untrue or defamatory submissions are to be made. Any submissions of such nature conflict with GLOMEX Military Supplies Code of Ethics and relevant measures will be taken.

  7. GLOMEX Military Supplies Employees, sales and marketing departments members in particular, are required to make GLOMEX Military Supplies Partners, Agents and Suppliers in particular, aware of and familiar with the GLOMEX Military Supplies Anti-corruption Programme.

  8. During business opportunities assessment process and execution, GLOMEX Military Supplies representatives are required to consider potential risk of corruption given by the Partner´s background and by the procurement method (open tender or single source).

  9. GLOMEX Military Supplies representatives are reqired to gather information on any open or concluded corruption cases in relation to GLOMEX Military Supplies partners and take respective findings into account when making business decissions.

  10. In terms of building trade relations, GLOMEX Military Supplies provides business Partners with standard service including gifts and other benefits. However, providing the Partners with unreasonably luxurious accommodation, unethical and expensive entertainment services or gifts of a clearly unreasonable value is forbidden. Such behaviour will be deemed potentially corruptive. Similarly, acceptance of gifts or benefits as described above by any GLOMEX Military Supplies Employee or management is forbidden, in Sales department in particular. Any attempt to do so by GLOMEX Military Supplies Partners must be reported to immediate superior.

  11. Public administration may require so-called facilitation payments on some of the foreign markets, legal locally. GLOMEX Military Supplies will under no circumstances make any payment of such nature, excluding commissions to Partners or Agents within private sector.

  12. No sponsorship is to be assigned to any public or private sector business opportunity. This also applies to support of political parties and movements.

  13. The aim of the Ethics Code is to support application of the principles of ethics on all GLOMEX Military Supplies activities, and to promote anti-corruption agenda and honest entrepreneurship among the public and business sector.