Quality Policy

The quality policy at GLOMEX MS, s.r.o.

GLOMEX MS, s.r.o. supplies products and services in the area of military and security materials, including goods of a civilian nature, which fully satisfy its customers’ requirements thanks to their utility value and properties that fully respect all the legislative requirements.

The company’s quality management system has been created in compliance with the ČSN ISO 9001:2015 and ČOS 051672 standards and constitutes an integral part of the company’s upper management, which is unequivocally responsible for the company’s compliance with its Quality Policy and designated Quality Goals.

The main objective of Glomex MS, s.r.o. is to ensure that its customers are maximally satisfied and in doing so to secure for itself a strong market position and build the company’s good name.

The company’s management undertakes:

  • to provide its customers with services and active support by informing them about any developments in the field of the products on offer, recommending suitable solutions and cooperating with them during the selection and use of the supplied products,
  • to actively cooperate with its suppliers and other partners,
  • to systematically acquire and analyse objective information about the requirements and expectations of the company’s existing and potential customers and to monitor customer satisfaction regarding the provided products and services,
  • to analyse and improve the company’s processes, including the management of any associated risks, and improve the quality of its services,
  • to permanently improve the high quality of its products and services through rigorous adherence to any legislative requirements and the company’s internal procedures and guidelines,
  • to focus the development of the company’s services on any promising programs designated by the company management on the basis of marketing research,
  • to achieve suitable prices for the company’s products and services through increased work productivity and the optimisation of costs,
  • to support and foster a feeling of responsibility for the quality of one’s own work in all the company’s employees and workers and to motivate them to improve constantly,
  • to provide commensurate resources for achieving the designated quality goals,
  • to constantly improve the implemented quality management system.

The company management expects the following from its employees:

  • respect for the Quality Policy and active participation in its implementation and the fulfilment of the Quality Goals,
  • adherence to all the quality management system’s regulations and documents,
  • an active approach to constantly improving their activities,
  • involvement in any educational activities in the area of quality,
  • adherence to the safety requirements and the maintenance of order and improvement of the work environment in their workplaces.