Quality Policy

GLOMEX Military Supplies Quality Policy

The main objective of GLOMEX Military Supplies Quality Policy is to implement quality assurance system principles, achieve full customer satisfaction and establish the desired market position and reputation. 

GLOMEX Military Supplies solely implements services and products meeting both Clients´ and respective legal requirements in full.

To meet the objectives set, Company management commits to:

  • make quality control an integral part of overall management. Top management is solely responsible for the Quality Policy implementation and meeting of the objectives set.
  • improve established ČSN ISO 9001:2015 + ČOS 051672 quality assurance system processes on an ongoing basis
  • carry out Risk assessment/elimination in order to improve quality of services provided
  • systematically gather and analyse information on the requirements and expectations of our existing and potential Customers and monitor customer satisfaction
  • ensure high level of product and service quality by strict adherence to legal regulations in place and Quality management system provisions.
  • focus the development of services on prospective programmes determined by the management on the basis of marketing surveys
  • offer favourable product and service prices on an ongoing basis by increasing labour productivity and cost optimization
  • proactively communicate with both current and potential Clients, inform them about the changes to product range
  • cultivate a sense of responsibility for the quality of their own work among all employees and motivate them to continuous quality improvement
  • actively contribute to meeting quality objectives with Suppliers and other Partners
  • provide adequate resources to meet quality objectives set

Customer focus

  • Identification and analysis of the existing and future Customer needs.
  • Fulfilment of Customer requirements and expectations.
  • Customer satisfaction assessment, determination of further actions based on its results.

Leadership / Employee professional development

  • Employee education, training and management.
  • Provision of resources necessary for successful execution of activities within the scope of Employee responsibilities.
  • Creation of working environment with positive influence on quality standards adherence while meeting goals and objectives set.

Process approach

  • Process design based on the premise of interrelated company activities.
  • Definition of processes and identification of responsibilities and competences to manage processes.
  • Planning and ensuring availability of resources needed for process implementation.

System approach

Application, development and improvement of ISO 9001 Quality management system towards fullfilment of Customer and Stakeholder needs and expectations.

Steady improvement

  • Steady product and process efficiency and quality management improvement including timely adoption of preventive measures.
  • Adoption of Employee suggestions towards an increased process efficiency.

Fact-based approach to decision-making

  • Data analysis with the use of approved methods and implementation of team work to resolve quality issues.

Mutually beneficial Supplier relationships / Collaboration with Suppliers

  • Monitoring and evaluation of Supplier competencies.
  • Establishment of clear and open communication channels and mutually beneficial relationships with Suppliers.

To ensure Quality Policy objectives are met, GLOMEX Military Supplies management commits to:

  • Maintain, develop and improve ISO 9000 compliant Quality management systems on an ongoing basis.
  • Declare ISO 9000 compliant objectives annually.
  • Create and provide sufficient resources to implement the Quality Policy and meet its objectives, inclusive of strategic goals laid out in the Business plan.
  • Internally communicate the importance of meeting Customer, legal and internal requirements and supplying highest possible quality products.
  • Make information about Quality management system available to both Customers and Employees.
  • Emphasize the importance of a steady production equipment maintenance towards product requirements met.
  • Motivate and steadily strenghten Employee Quality management professional capacity.
  • Steadily increase Quality management system efficiency with personal commitment and activity.

Employees are expected to:

  • Adopt the Quality Policy established, participate in its implementation and fulfill quality objectives.
  • Comply with all Quality Management system provisions.
  • Adopt proactive approach to own activities steady improvement.
  • Adopt proactive approach to Quality management training.
  • Follow safety instructions, keep their workplace tidy and aim to improve workplace environment.